I don’t wanna write another love song

Would she hear me if I called her name?
Would she hold me if she knew my shame?

I’m blanked in music, because it’s so cold out there
uploading pictures, just for me
tears that doesn’t fall and no, neither crash around me
it’s Valentine’s Day and

My insides all turn to ash, so slow
And blew away as I collapse, so cold

Saudade again, suddenly tangling me,
precisely in this glorious moment,
eclipsing this gorgeous full moon,
dispersing away, on those white waste lands, precious and irreplaceable brain cycles

But it was all just a beautiful, terrible, wonderful, horrible, beautiful lie
And it’s so easy to believe…

Fading when I need to shine,
deeply in silence, when I should be singing,
a no-love problem, un-love problem, love-not problem,
annoying definitions, and of course, misspelled answers.



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